The Panther’s final fight

This blog is slowly turning into a review of strange and unique films thinly disguised as photoshoots.

It wasn’t really my intention, but since these films will never be reproduced i’m happy to show my results for those interested.  I’ll try to incorporate the rolls into a photoshoot somewhere.

FullSizeRender (7)

Usually I get several rolls of a film, but the Ektachrome Panther P1600x was different. I was given a single roll and since it was E-6 slide film, I really had no intention of ever shooting it. I had never seen it for sale before and people I spoke to about it generally had never used it.


As far as I know it was never refrigerated and expired in the late 90’s. At one stage this film spent several months on the floor of my car. Far from ideal film conditions.


Then I found a lab that did E-6 at decent prices with a great reputation so I thought I’ll have a whirl with it.


I shot it at 400 ISO, and Rewind Photo Lab in Sydney did a great job with it. I honestly expected it to not even have anywhere near the consistency it did.


I really love the “filmy”look it has and have actually made some enquiries to try and source some more.








Thanks to @smartcookiecookie for modelling for me and @rewindphotolab for resurrecting the Panther!

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