Kodak RPC Film

This blog is definitely more for the film lovers among us. Those that love weird and unique film.

Stuff that’s been dug out of freezers and deceased estates. Long expired and forgotten by most. A mystery box that may leave us ultimately with nothing but photographic regret.

This is the gamble. The thrill of the chase.

Kodak Rapid Process Copy film is exactly the type of weird and experimental film I love.

Its a rare positive transparency black and white film that was designed for use in copying X rays and the like. It was never intended to be shot like I shot it, but that’s why I love it.

Challenging and almost impossible to exposure 100% accurately, its ISO of 0.06 is insane.


I found a forum online from 2002 that discussed this film, and even those members had never shot it.

As almost no cameras meter to 0.06 the following formula was proffered;

“Set the ISO for this film at 25, Open up to a pretty wide aperture, then times the shutter speed by 2000!”


“Ie 1/125 at f/4 becomes 16 seconds at f/4”

On top of this, the film was a slide film and expired in 2001. Easy.

The first roll I played with exposures using the “formula” and found I was overexposing a lot.

Ultimately I settled on shooting it at about f/11 and varying the exposure times as the best way to accurately get close to the correct exposure. I also found this the best way to sit there not having to use a factor calculator to work out how long the shutter needed to be open.

FullSizeRender (4)

In no way am I holding these up to be great images or anything, but it definitely is a ‘creative’ film in the long exposures it allows with relatively wide apertures.

These images are mostly shot at f/11 for between 15 and 30 seconds.( The hallway one is at wider aperture…I think 5.6 but can’t recall exactly). Colour corrected in PS.

You can see  there is some blown highlights so obviously my guessing isn’t an exact science when it comes to exposing this film.

Would I use this film again? Yes definitely. It really does have some great creative applications….when I nail down guessing the exposure 🙂
















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