Making my world spin

“I wont keep breaking my own heart, and neither will you.”

Caitlin’s story;

“Deep down I know better. which is why i wanna rip my heart right out of my chest sometimes.


I keep giving love to people who have no idea how to love me back. while i’m still struggling to figure out how to love myself.



A vicious cycle of beating myself up over things that weren’t my fault. things that couldn’t be controlled. over people who couldn’t see ‘me’.

People who didn’t care to figure me out. figure out how to love me. people who just couldn’t be bothered and use me as a convenience, no thought of commitment.



I’m tired and i’m moving on from the naive person I was. Each day trying little by little to listen to myself and teach me how to love me, fully and unconditionally… because that’s all the love i really need.



I wont keep breaking my own heart, and neither will you.



It’s strange being brought into a world and put into a body that neither of which you’re comfortable in. i didn’t choose any of it. it just happened, and here i am, not really sure what do with all I’ve been given in this lifetime. Do you ever think about that? its hard not to stop and think about the bigger picture. so many people are tied up in distractions, like robots, going through the motions day by day.



Are you really doing what makes you happy? are you living out your dreams, or just doing what is expected of you?



Society today makes it so hard for man to be authentic.Lack of authenticity leads to lack of understanding oneself.Lack of understanding leads to the inability to truly give and receive love,and at the end of the day love is what makes the world go round.”


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