Newbie Series – Cindy

This is my shoot with Cindy. She hasn’t done a shoot before and I know she procrastinated for a long time before doing it. I think the photographs speak for how well she did.



Journey of self discovery 2016.
Anxiety, fear, self doubt and potential criticism has played an astronomical part in the sheltered life I have lived.
Hitting rock bottom in November of 2015 was the turning point in the journey of my self discovery. I was definitely my own worst enemy. 


Choosing to seek help, repair and heel old wounds has led me to embrace, enjoy and celebrate life in its entirety instead of hiding away in the comfort and security of my own home.


This year I have aimed to be my own best friend, accepting and loving all of me. So the time has come in being more vulnerable to my truth, my honesty, my passions, my desires, to being open and challenging myself.


Most of all, taking notice of what inspires me, what captivates me and what excites me to core of my soul.


I fell in love with Duncan’s nude art photography which had captivated and inspired me from the moment I stumbled across it, however denying myself the opportunity for allowing self doubt to creep back in.



The day of my photoshoot I was quiet at work so I jumped on line and the first news on my news feed was Duncan’s Newbie Photoshoot call out.


With no excuses left and my self worth growing by the day, I applied immediately and was in front of the camera that afternoon.


That being said, upon meeting Duncan I felt an immediate feeling of relief, relaxed, comfortable and at ease which made it very easy to put my trust and faith in him. ( I made her say this…hahaha .Duncan )



Throughout the photoshoot I had no anxiety, no fears, no self doubt and not a care in the world. I was simply in the moment, having the time of my life, being me.


At the end of the photoshoot I was on an immediate high, hyperactive and so glad I took the leap of faith.


Thank you so much Duncan for the experience, for being apart of my journey and for the following words I write.






I finally feel as free as a bird with the feeling of ‘I can do anything if I put my heart and soul into it whilst having fun doing it’.


I know now without doubt I am going to live, love and celebrate every single moment in life to its fullest.


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