Newbie Series – Allanna

The premise of the “Newbie Series” is the belief that I can get great photos out of anyone.

it’s not arrogance, its self-confidence.


The people in this series are beautiful, but they are not experienced in front a camera. It’s a foreign and awkward situation. Magnified by the anxious nervousness of apprehension and the unknown. Expectations and unanswered questions.


It’s not about the camera, or the lens, or the location…. it’s about a connection you can get with a subject. I firmly believe that. That connection can be dynamic, but transient….a moment is all you need. A moment is beautiful.


If you can make someone feel relaxed, be themselves, then you can get a photo.

A trained chimp could get a photo if he can make the subject laugh or relaxed.

Every person I photograph is unique and interesting and beautiful. Some more than others….

but when im taking that photo, they are the most important person in my world for that moment.


So here I am. Here you are…Welcome to my world….if only for a moment.THAT moment.


Let’s begin….

Allanna’s selfy


Allanna’s story


This is what I’ve got.
Honest opinions.
Only I’ve always believed in art and the beauty of the human body and when you find someone who captures it so perfectly it’s hard to not want to be part of it…




As a media production student my comfort zone is behind the camera, but what is life without some risks and actually believing in yourself.

I’m doing this for me, for a new experience, a new perspective, and a new confidence.







Working up the courage to do this shoot has been a journey in itself, but once you stop caring about whether other people will think you’re good enough you realize you are your own person and no one’s thoughts or comments will change who you are.




Every body is unique and beautiful and to help show that, I’m doing this shoot, and hopefully people will see the beauty in these images and appreciate the art as much as I do.









I’m not a model, I’m just an awkward girl trying to live life to the fullest.



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