The spider’s beautiful webs

Linda: You know I haven’t done a photo shoot before? 

Me:Yes I know.You have to write something too.

Linda: I’m not writing something. You ask me questions.

Me: Ok Linda…( no point arguing – she wasn’t going to be writing something).

So Linda Titow is a very talented tattoo artist. The photos on this page actually don’t do her work justice.

I call Linda “The witch” when she is tattooing me. It’s really a term of endearment. If I didn’t like her I wouldn’t call her anything.

Alternatively she calls me “The big softy with no pain threshold…” She is pretty blunt like that.She loves me. You can tell….

So this is Linda’s story so far, and my silly questions and comments;

She did want this specifically added before my Q&A;

I feel very lucky to be able to create custom pieces for my clients which is so unique, meaningful and special to each client. It gives me a great insight into their pain, happiness, joy and trauma. The best compliment I am given is when my clients bring their kids to me ( when they are 18+) their belief and trust in me is the greatest reward anyone could wish for. Being able to tattoo and share life experience with my amazing clients is a beautiful gift .

Now my interrogation!

What is your art background?

I went to the Johannesburg Art ballet and Music school in South Africa where I got a scholarship to study further. I then studied textile design in Cape Town.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I have always wanted to be an artist .


What is your favourite style to tattoo?
I don’t have a favourite style because I see something beautiful in every style.
What current tattooing trend won’t last in your opinion?
Water color tattoos won’t stand the test of time in my opinion, although they look beautiful.
P1090170-EditLinda 1

P1090149-EditLinda 1

What do you do when you aren’t tattooing?
Yoga, painting and spending time with my kids.

P1090225-Edit-EditLinda 1

P1090211-EditLinda 1

If you were an animal what would you be, and you can’t say lion or eagle or fucking dolphin!
Spider so I could make beautiful webs all day. ( Creepy creepy Linda).

P1090164-EditLinda 1

P1090201-EditLinda 1

What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?
My favourite thing about being a tattoo artist is my clients, I have the most amazing people come into my life because they have come to me for a tattoo. People I normally would not get to know.
Tattooing has taught me to never judge because once you hear someone’s story you understand.

P1090180-EditLinda 1


What is your least favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?
My least favourite thing about tattooing is doing cover-ups and seeing people having been scared from inexperienced tattooist.

P1090246-EditLinda 1


How did you feel about having the photos taken?

I felt very comfortable.

P1090372-EditLinda 1

What is the weirdest request for a tattoo?
The weirdest tattoo was a a “spank me daddy” tattoo. ( That’s a lie Linda. That’s a reference to one of my tattoos which is NOT a “spank me Daddy tattoo”….Linda is being a bit cheeky).
What’s your thoughts on Miley Cyrus?
As long as Miley Cyrus NEVER comes near my family then she’s ok….

P1090377-EditLinda 1

If I gave you a nerf gun would you shoot your next client who walked through the door regardless of who they are?
No I would never greet a client with a nerf gun, I want my clients to feel relaxed and safe NOT freaked out that they are about to get tattooed by a nutter!!
( There is a footnote to this…. I questioned this answer and her reply via text was “I’d shoot you.” Nice Linda. Nice…)

P1090418-EditLinda 1

P1090492-EditLinda 1

Why did you want to do the blog?
I love this photographer’s work that’s why I agreed to do this blog.(Suckup!)
If I held a gun to your head and made you get a tattoo, what would you get?
A back piece in black, fine line design. With lots of detail and very delicate.


P1090138-EditLinda 1

So tattoo artists make loads of money right??
It looks like tattoo artists make loads of money but we don’t. By the time you have paid the shop owners cut, insurance, licensing, medical grade sterile equipment, inks , needles and time doing artwork, then clients who cancel last minute! The money is not great and I really think most of us do it because we truly love it.
Do you fangirl any other tattoo artists?
Emily -Rose is a Melbourne based tattoo artist and I love her work and style.

P1090174-EditLinda 1

P1090130-EditLinda 1

Who was your favourite Spice Girl?
Never heard of the spice girls and don’t want too. ( Linda – more lies? really?)
If you released a book of your art, what would you title it?
“Feeding the Soul” that is what I would call my book

P1090131-Edit-EditLinda 1

If you and I went on a caravaning trip around New Zealand, like…just the South Island….not both islands….for like 14 days max….what would I learn about you?
Caravaning with me would make you realise I like to laugh a lot and I don’t take life too seriously….. But hate the cold and the wind. As long as there is a good bottle of wine life is just fine.
You can see more of Linda’s fantastic work on instagram;


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