Peeling away the layers

Saturday 4th June 2016 was an incredible day. Rain and wind, and more rain and wind. A tornado and tsunami rolled into one. Problem was I had an outdoor shoot planned with bodybuilder Rachael.

I wanted to shoot something different. No stage, no posing trunks, fake tan….that stuff is done to death, let’s face it.

But…this weather wasn’t looking good…


She was keen. I couldn’t cancel. We would just have to brave it.

Plus I love it when people just throw caution to the wind and say “Fuck it ! Lets do it.” That’s exactly the people I want to photograph.


First location was a write off. Not only did Mother Nature have it in for us, but a bus load of school kids also decided this was the ideal day to visit the remote windswept headland of Snapper Point. ( As Rachael mentions in her story.)

We changed location to a much friendlier location away from the wind, rain and school-kids.

This is Rachael’s story;

The body is an amazing thing. After completing in 4 bodybuilding comps this year I decided that I would like to celebrate my success this year in a photo shoot.


Not knowing what I wanted or what look I wanted to go with as far as photos went. 

Fate stepped in and I  was contacted by Duncan,  and after talking a lot through messages he suggested that maybe something of a natural look…. maybe something I would be interested in (something I thought I would never consider  doing in my life! Totally out of my comfort zone!)


So after talking it over with my partner, and a lot of soul searching I agreed to do it.

We met Duncan at the Lake Munmorah recreation reserve and made our way to Snapper Point.  


The weather was a long way from being perfect, blowing gale force winds.

We made our way down the track to the rocks and found an amazing location to start shooting. Not a soul around… it was the perfect spot…. and then about 30 people decided to turn up and walk all around the spot I was just about to get naked in!


We packed up and went to a small picnic area not far from Snapper Point,  where we found protection from the wind and the rain .

We made our way into a clearing where we set out to find a good look and poses that suited my body.


The moment had come where I was about to step way outside my comfort zone!

I undressed… with only a towel around me. It was time to go for it and start taking photos.

Nervous as hell, I dropped the towel and proceeded  to pose, while photo after photo was taken.


After a bit of joking around I started to feel very comfortable and started to relax .


We cut a palm leaf and took shots with only that covering me up and with the light getting low decided to do one last shoot against a tree with full body shots.


The time flew by, and Duncan was amazing at making me feel comfortable being naked.  He made  the whole experience a very pleasant and memorable one .


Love the look of my photos and couldn’t be happier .

Rachael was not told to say those nice things, by the way 🙂

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