The Animal Mask Series


This became a photographic concept about people, humans, men,women….us as people.

Underneath the masks we hide our real selves….Aren’t we just animals?

When you strip off the clothes and we are laid bare, are we scared and timid, or are we fierce? What kind of animal are you when you look at yourself?

Thankyou to all the participants in this project. I consider it an overwhelming success by virtue of the sheer volume of people who wanted to be involved. The participants know who they are, so thankyou.

Thankyou also to those who enquired and ultimately didn’t decide to participate, as even enquiring about the project showed me the greater interest in shooting more art projects of this nature.

I took no offence if someone said no, as ultimately that’s what this is about, being laid bare, how we present ourselves by what we choose to show ( or not show) the world….Thats what this is all about. Your interest was appreciated.

Thankyou to all those who wanted to participate and I just wasn’t able to get to shoot. Series 2 will be starting in the near future.

The whole series was shot with a Panasonic Lumix LX100 Point and Shoot for those who are interested in knowing.

P1060470-EditAnimal MAsk













  • All models over 18 – Records held by the photographer.

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