Sweet memories

The first thing you notice about Madi is the big beautiful smile and then the giant personality. She genuinely has an aura about her that you can’t help but gravitate towards.

I need a drink…..I need Weed!……I’ll have a drink……Emma I need a drink….

Im nervous. I don’t care about being nude, i’m always nude…..but I hope the photos are ok…..

I explained that it was my problem if they weren’t, not hers. She didn’t seem nervous. She laughed. She talked. She smoked. She laughed some more.

She had enthusiasm. As a photographer that’s all you ever want. Madi’s enthusiasm….

So this is Madi’s story about her ink;

“First tattoo I ever got was my writing on my back – lyrics to “memories” by elvis. Not only do I love the king but I got it dedicated to my nan. In fact I missed out on my nans funeral and this was the song that was played at her funeral. It makes me feel like I have a piece of her with me at all times.

My next tattoo would be of my Sci fi girl on my navel. I came up with this idea of a powerful, strong women but I also didn’t want her to be just any human women. I wanted her to be mystical and strange – out of this world. Really she just gives me spiritual strength and reminds me to be strong in life.

The girl on my calf represents the world of bdsm and how much I want to always be reminded of who I am and what I enjoy. At first I wanted her to be a dominant women but the gag ball just has such an amazing affect. If anything she sands for a little bit of everything. The latex cap is a dominant aspect. The gag ball represents being a submissive. And I love rope…so we decided to tangle that into her hair.

The last tattoo is on the back of my right arm. And says “to infinity and beyond Heavy black heart️lil sis”. My half sister has the exact replica of it on her arm but has “Heavy black heart️big sis”. We both got this tattoo because we love each other and want to be reminded of our bond we have together. “To infinity and beyond” is a quote of toy story. My sister and I love kids movies, we always watch them together. But it’s a nice quote meaning life is limitless – the sky’s the limit. Me and my sister will always reach far in life and support each other.”

P1030202-EditA P1030243-EditA P1030253-EditA P1030259-EditA P1030267-EditA P1030289-EditA P1030294-EditA P1030303-Edit-EditA P1030312-EditA P1030334-EditA P1030346-EditA P1030388-EditA P1030416-Edit-EditA P1030449-EditB P1030474-EditB1 P1030504-EditB1 P1030524-EditB1 P1030545-EditB1 P1030550-EditB1 P1030594-Edit-EditB1 P1030619-EditB1  P1030646-EditB1



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